Daily Sketch: Mysterious Kitty Beauty

Part of my daily sketch effort! 45 minutes or so to paint this one. I even recorded this, here’s the progress video – youtu.be/BI77D60ju4A It was a lot of fun working on this kitty, I have always struggled with feline anatomy so there was a lot to learn. I think I’d like to draw some more […]

Daily Sketch: Colourful Bird

Another quick painting to get the jitters out! I’ve noticed that doing these have made me much faster about doing my other work. Who knew, practicing every day actually does something! I wanted to keep detailing those feathers all day long, but I had to make sure I kept it as a practice drawing. Commissions […]

Daily Warmup Sketch: Shih Tzu Practice

Part of my new work routine will include (hopefully!) daily warmup sketch. These speedpaintings are just little challenges to make myself faster and more efficient, while getting some of those early morning jitters out. This little guy took about 30 minutes total, but I got interrupted halfway through to go eat some lunch. Hope you […]

Daily Progress: Christmas Surprise Day 1

Hello all! Today is the first day of my daily blog posts. To start, here’s my current work in progress for a super top secret Christmas gift! Originally I started with the first picture, which was supposed to be a very sophisticated. We specified a closed mouth to keep him looking almost sombre, but yesterday […]

One Blep Away

I thought I’d do something more relaxing for a change and have a quick doodle stop. Here’s a charcoal portrait that I did today on my easel, it was a lot of fun to work on it. I wish I’d have done it on a tinted paper instead of white, that would’ve helped a lot […]

A Study in Bun

I’ve been having a lot of fun working on my very first bunny commission! Honestly, having never really practiced rabbits or bunnies in my own studies, this was a terrific challenge for me to get me out of a rut. Sadly my health has not been doing great, I’ve been on bed rest for a […]

Latest Commission: Bootsy and Honey!

I completely forgot I had a blog here! I have a lot of work in progress shots I should have been uploading, but oh well. Here’s the final picture that I finished yesterday! This was a full body pet commission with a detailed background addon and an additional character. Despite these addons, I actually did this […]

Latest Painting: Doberman Portrait

My latest drawing, a portrait of a friend’s gorgeous Doberman. The only pictures I had of him was when he was a puppy, so I had to use a bit of imagination to make him look as old as he is now. He’s a gorgeous show dog, and I had a lot of fun drawing […]