Storm Clouds Brewing

With one blizzard down and another terrible storm on the horizon, it’s hard for me to take time to write a blog post this week. I know that I can’t do much to prevent another outage, but with almost half the week lost without power, I’m struggling not to be anxious about how long we […]

Living Fearless

Can you believe it’s been another week? The days are just flying by for me. I have so much that I want to accomplish every day, it seems like a race to finish as much as I can before the energy runs out. I’ve learned so much and set out to do such big things, […]

Magical March is Coming!

Week after week seems to be the same story in these blog posts, it’s hard to remember that this is not the new norm! Just a season that will pass. It’s been a rough season for chronic illness. I will still keep my expectations high that next week will be better! Lessons learned this week: […]

Mercy is a Necessity

This week was very unproductive because of some personal struggles. Chronic illness continues to bring battles, and I can’t always win them. Still, I’m trying to be patient with myself as I learn to work through it all. Lessons learned this week: Mercy is a necessity to keeping peace. You can’t be patient with others […]

Suffering Well

Unfortunately I had to skip a week of blogging because of health problems, I was mostly comatose from Saturday-Tuesday with flare ups of collapsing and syncope. But better late than never! Here’s my lesson learned: It’s possible to suffer bitterly or suffer well, full of despair or full of joy. You have to choose every […]

Conquering Some Giants

It’s been a thoroughly interesting and productive week this week. Let’s dig in! As always, here’s one thing I’ve learned this week I want to remember: Interruptions are only frustrating because the thing doing the interrupting is less important or valuable to us than what we are currently doing. Changing your perspective to enjoy life’s […]

Let’s Start Blogging!

How fun! I’ve never really been good at maintaining a blog, but frankly it’s about time. Social anxiety has made me way too afraid of what people on the Internet have to say, but no more of that! I guess every Sunday I’m going to try to post something meaningful about the week. Maybe more […]