About my Paintings

Drawing on a Cintiq

Digital painting is a relatively new form of art which uses traditional acrylic and oil painting techniques, by using a tablet and stylus. I work with a Wacom Cintiq tablet and Adobe Photoshop primarily. Using these tools, I can apply my pen to the pressure-sensitive screen and draw exactly like I do on paper with charcoal.

Painting is a type of digital art, but it is not computer generated art. This process does not involve the computer automatically generating an image using mathematics, but rather I use a brush and painting techniques to create an image directly in photoshop.

Please note, digital painting is not digital manipulation and does not use photographs; it is completely from scratch and freehand. It can also be more time consuming and difficult than working with acrylic and oil, as each detailed stroke and texture must be done individually by hand. That means if you see individual hairs on your portrait of your dog, each hair was drawn, shaded, and lighted individually by me.

Just like traditional portraits require a photo, however, I do require reference images. This is so that I can make sure that the details and nuances specific to your loved ones is captured, and it looks truly like your memory.

I reiterate again, this is freehand drawing and thus I will not always perfectly capture your subject with photographic precision. I am not a robot, so your picture will always be unique, but not perfect.

About the Artist

Entirely self-taught in her passion of illustration, Ashleigh Kasper is a graduate of
Quinsigamond Community College with an Associate’s degree in new media and graphic arts. Her degree includes extensive training in Illustrator, InDesign, Autodesk Maya, AfterEffects, Premiere, and Photoshop. Required within her degree was branding, colour theory, editorial design and book publishing.

Despite much knowledge in graphic design, she has received no formal training for drawing and illustration, but paints daily to improve and is available for private commissions.
Her specialties include portrait drawing and designing/illustrating annual reports.