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Hello my friends! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been incredibly blessed with a quite few rush orders. Because of this, I’ve been so busy working on “have tos” I haven’t gotten to the things I really want to get done.

This next week, I’ll be focusing more on Patreon works (including a new flower painting for Melinda, our new Hero tier patron!) and a few personal works and fantasy projects. I want to finally release some concepts for my world, Caelis’al, but one thing after another has made me put it off.

When you stop doing something because you WANT to do it and start doing it because you have to, that’s when it becomes work.

I’ve been so caught up with trying to pay off bills and grow my business I’ve really lost sight of what’s important: using my talents for the glory of God and enjoying doing what I love. So, no more rush orders for the month of April.

I don’t want art to become a daily grind, I want it to be a life that inspires me.


I took life intentionally slow this week and even took 4 days off from drawing anything (except my livestream). I haven’t taken more than two consecutive days off from artwork in months, since I always work through the holidays. Normally this isn’t a problem, because I enjoy drawing, but I stopped doing it for enjoyment.

I do artwork for my hobby, art for paid work, and art as my school work. But there has been no joy in it for me with all the rush orders. I needed to rest.
Tell Me Tuesday: Cow Request

Still, there is much to show!

  • Trouble the cat in Watercolour
  • Julie’s Commission
  • Tell Me Tuesday’s Request: Highland Cow
  • Little Grinch Painting for my little fan, Anthony!

Art goals for next week: Concept art for Caelis’al, March of the Fauns artwork (better late than never!) Melinda’s Hero tier reward.

Just. Have. Fun.


YouTube Section!

Well, Fantasy Friday has still not happened yet. I’m hoping this week to finally give that a shot! So sorry about the delay in uploading. Things have not been going immensely as planned lately.

Exciting New Shiny Things


Oh, the world has yet to see what God can do with a heart fully devoted to him. I’m fully relying on his promises this week that he will do something spectacular. I don’t know what yet, but I know that it’s going to be worth holding my breath for.

Keep an eye out for some new artwork on all the social media platforms, especially on Patreon. I’m excited to say we’re nearly at 10 Patrons, and halfway to the pastel giveaway goal! How thrilling that is.



John 14:12

If you have faith in me, you will do the same things I am doing. You will do even greater things.

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