Mercy is a Necessity

This week was very unproductive because of some personal struggles. Chronic illness continues to bring battles, and I can’t always win them. Still, I’m trying to be patient with myself as I learn to work through it all.

Lessons learned this week:

Mercy is a necessity to keeping peace. You can’t be patient with others before you’ve learned to be patient with yourself.


Personal Life

Once again in the real world version of Renoir, turbulence is on the health front! I’ve been trying to get my digestive failure under control, and sadly this week it took a turn for the worse. My doctor prescribed an antispasmodic to try to help with the pain, but it ended up causing more side effects. Nausea, dizziness, inability to stay awake, pain in the eyes and many other symptoms came on quickly. I kept taking it for a week, just praying it would help eventually, but every time I took it I became more and more ill.

So not much work got done this week.

However, I was blessed with a whole week to enjoy my mom and spend time with her! I’ve started to do a planner, which I daresay I might make a blog post about soon. It was a lot of fun to put together a schedule, a food and exercise tracker, to-do lists, and project planners. Organisation makes me so happy!

Summary: It can always get worse, I promise. But oh yay, I’m an organising junkie now!



On the accomplished list this week, we had:

  • A few anatomy studies
  • Simple Valentine’s Day drawing
  • Bulldog Painting for a client
  • Brand new coloured pencil experiments!

As always, most of these are on my Instagram for you to see.
This week, a local art supply store called CC Lowell sent me some free art supplies to work with! I’ve had trouble producing anything solid, but I hope this week to fix that.


Art goals for next week: 3 New Commissions!
Watercolour painting practice, coloured pencil drawing, Tell me Tuesday’s suggestions!

Along with a lot of other exercises, I hope to achieve much more this week than I did last week!

Exciting New Shiny Things


I have now planned out a weekly YouTube channel schedule! Along with streaming every Thursday at 8:30 PM EST, I plan to release 2 videos a week to slowly build up my follower count. It would really help me out if you would subscribe to my channel! There’s not much there yet, but just you wait. There will be tons of fun new things there, and I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions on what I should draw next!

Thank you so much for reading, as always. It’s lovely to see you enduring through these blog posts.

All glory and honour to the God who gives and takes away. It’s all his stage!



Psalm 138:8

The Lord will fulfil [His purpose] for me. Lord, Your love is eternal.

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