Conquering Some Giants

It’s been a thoroughly interesting and productive week this week. Let’s dig in!

As always, here’s one thing I’ve learned this week I want to remember:

Interruptions are only frustrating because the thing doing the interrupting is less important or valuable to us than what we are currently doing.

Changing your perspective to enjoy life’s interruptions as blessings can change your whole world.


Personal Life

Once again in the real world version of Renoir, there’s been less than delightful health flare ups. Well, for the year I’ve had digestive problems, but the past few weeks definitely took a toll on me. I’ve been diagnosed with IBS and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), and the doctors have tried quite a few medications to get it under control. I thought for sure the medicine I started 2 weeks ago would put a stop to it, but it didn’t. So we’re back to square one.


In personal life terms, I’m working to overcome some of my social anxiety! I’m currently figuring out the logistics to start a weekly YouTube Live series. That’s pretty exciting, though a daunting task.

Summary: Chronic illness still sucks. Live art streaming is coming soon!



On the accomplished list this week, we had:

Pastel drawing

  • More pencil work on Whisky and Ginger
  • Beauty: Series 2
  • Bob Ross Practice
  • Gesture drawing lessons from
  • More daily doodling.

As always, most of these are on my Instagram for you to see.
Meanwhile, the top secret works in progress can be seen on my Patreon! I’ll also be uploading some of my little sketches and doodles over on Patreon for my $1 supporters.

Just doodlin Acrylic on canvas

Art goals for next week: Finish up commission work.
Daily beauty series, colouring book printouts. Pokemon. And still Chadwick Boseman.

Exciting New Shiny Things

Exciting news on the front! I’m planning to release some colouring book pages in the future, along with MANY more sketches for my Patrons to download. I’ve also changed the reward tiers of my Patrons to make them more… rewarding.

In addition, there will be an official scheduled giveaway every month over on Patreon, where I announce the winner and actually give the artwork WITHIN that month. Unbelievable, right?

Please go check out my Patreon and consider supporting me. Any amount helps, and it would make my day!

Thank you so much for reading.

All glory and honour to the God who gives and takes away. I would be nothing without Him!



Daniel 9:23

God thinks highly of you, and at the very moment you started praying, I was sent to give you the answer.

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