Let’s Start Blogging!

How fun!
I’ve never really been good at maintaining a blog, but frankly it’s about time.

Social anxiety has made me way too afraid of what people on the Internet have to say, but no more of that! I guess every Sunday I’m going to try to post something meaningful about the week. Maybe more often if I can remember there are other platforms -besides- Instagram and Facebook.

*le ahem*

Let’s do this.

We’ve got a lot of things happening these days; let’s start the weekly summary off with one thing I’ve learned this week I want to remember.
If it’s not in my reach, it’s not for this season.
If God didn’t give it yet, I don’t need it.


Personal Life

In the real life version of me, we’ve been hit with some less-than-terrific circumstances on the health front. No huge medical procedures, praise the Lord, but the common flu virus.

It started when I helped my mom throw my sister a baby shower (how exciting, she’s due in February!) but there wasn’t an over-abundance of help, so I wore myself too thin.
For those who don’t know, I struggle with chronic illness. I’ll explain that sometime later in a blog post, but basically dysautonomia makes it nearly impossible for me to do regular tasks, like walking or standing for a long period of time. If I ignore the exhaustion and tachycardia (read: excessively fast heart beat, as though I’m running in place 100% of the time) it means I will crash later and be on bed rest.

I collapsed and couldn’t move on Sunday, then recovered somewhat.
CUE TUESDAY AFTERNOON, I found out I have an ear infection and a fever, and have since been sleeping most of the days away.

My amazingly supportive family have continued to be awesome and check on me regularly. Also my dad bought me a shower chair so I can finally stop fainting while trying to get clean!

Summary: Got the flu, I’ve been sleeping a lot. Shower chair is awesome.



Now for the fun part! I’ve actually gotten a few pieces of artwork started, though I essentially had a week of vacation from my usual workflow… I was praying for a few days of rest, Lord, but this is not really what I meant

On the to-do list this week, we had:

  • More pencil work on Whisky and Ginger
  • Tattoo Design work for K. Daoust
  • Beauty: A Series
  • 2 Brand new chibi commissions that I’m so thrilled for
  • And a super top secret project for Kevin

The first three are available on Instagram for you to see, in case these pictures don’t embed properly.
Meanwhile, the top secret works in progress can be seen on my Patreon!

Art goals for next week: Finish up commission work, obviously.
Valentine’s Day sale, daily beauty series, Chadwick Boseman. Because reasons.


Exciting New Shiny Things

Now, if you’re still actually reading this, congratulations. You get to hear news that NOBODY else knows about. Oh joy!

I’ve got some plans for a new YouTube series of tutorials explaining my process and instructing how to follow along. I was thinking of releasing a “paint-with-me in every medium” sort of deal.
Do you think anyone would be interested in that sort of thing?

Secondly. I’ll be making blog posts about health rants at some point, but more excitingly: my own worlds, design and IP content that will only be available here and through Patreon.

Sounds good? Sounds good.

All praise and honor to the God who gives and takes away. Until next week!

– Ashleigh Renoir


Psalm 8:3-4
When I look at the night sky and see the work of your hand–the moon and the stars you set in place–what are . . . human beings that you should care for them?

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